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американские стейки в Полтаве

American steaks in Poltava

History of steak dates back to Ancient Rome. It is said that a priest dropped a piece of sacrificial meat to the ground, the meat being too hot to hold. Trying to cold his fingers, he tasted the juice. Obviously, the taste was good, so ever since meat was broiled on an open fire not only to appease the gods, but also to satisfy hunger.

In the course of history the new dish became known on various continents and in different countries, and each of them introduced something new to the cooking recipe. Americans contributed most of all, after all, they always liked to have outdoor picnics. Grilling meat is an excellent idea for such an outing.

If you want to try American steaks in Poltava, we recommend visiting the Concrete Bar restaurant. Here you will find both classic steak and its variations, such as Chateaubriand, Ribeye, Filet mignon. Regular American steak being rather straight-forward, let us review other recipes in more detail.

Filet-mignon steak is cooked of the central part of beef filet and has a size of 10 x 10 сm. The name comes from the French language, and in literal translation means “graceful” or “small filet”. This term was first used by the American writer O’Henry in his book “Four million” (1906). Filet-mignon symbolized romance and incredible cooking. Even nowadays, many pairs order this steak while celebrating St.Valentine’s Day. In Concrete Bar restaurant, we use meat of bull-calves specially bred on the farms of Australia and USA for 120 days.

Chateaubriand is cooked of a cut from the thickest part of beef fillet, which is soft and lean at the same time. The taste of this stake is similar to filet-mignon, but it is about twice as big.

The meat for Ribeye steak is cut from under shoulder, between the 5th and the 13th ribs. Because of the large quantity of fat, this streak has the most flavor and fat.