Where in Poltava one can eat the most delicious steak?

Poltava is a very attractive tourist city. Each traveler visits the Museum of Poltava Battle, the monument to Nikolai Gogol, Museum of Local Lore, the Aviation Museum, the Assumption Cathedral and many other places of interest.

Having done enough of sightseeing, you need to rest and eat....Read More »

Differences between classic and American steaks

To understand the terms “classic” and “American” steak let’s start with a definition. Very often, people use the words not in their original meaning,  which eventually causes confusion.

In general, a steak is a piece of meat, cut in a certain way and cooked on a grill...Read More »

Delicacies in Poltava: Steaks from American Meat

It is believed that the first to discover the steak were the priests of a temple that sacrificed animals to the gods. One of the priests dropped a hot piece, picked it up and licked his fingers and accidentally discovered the taste of roasted meat. It happened in...Read More »

American steaks in Poltava

History of steak dates back to Ancient Rome. It is said that a priest dropped a piece of sacrificial meat to the ground, the meat being too hot to hold. Trying to cold his fingers, he tasted the juice. Obviously, the taste was good, so ever since meat...Read More »

Is Your Steak Done Right?

The Internet offers two most popular definitions of what steak is. According to the first one, this word means a thick piece of fish or meat sliced strictly perpendicular to the muscle fibers. The second one defines steak as loin chop of beef, at least 3 centimeters thick....Read More »

Сelebrate the Holy evening in Bar Concrete.

6th of January at 7p.m and 9 p.m. Сelebrate the Holy evening with your family&friends in Bar Concrete.

Event program:
– Traditional Ukrainian ritual meals, cooked on an open fire;
– Entertainment program with carols, dances, competitions, you can take part of;
– Delicious prizes and of course a good mood!Read More »

Merry Christmas

??Under the tree the gifts enthrall,
But the nicest present of them all
Is filling our thoughts with those who care,
Wanting our Christmas joy to share.
To you, whom we’re often thinking of,
We send our holiday joy and love.??

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