Where in Poltava one can eat the most delicious steak?

Poltava is a very attractive tourist city. Each traveler visits the Museum of Poltava Battle, the monument to Nikolai Gogol, Museum of Local Lore, the Aviation Museum, the Assumption Cathedral and many other places of interest.

Having done enough of sightseeing, you need to rest and eat. And what could be better than a juicy and nutritious steak?

The secret of this dish is not only in preparation. It starts earlier, at the stage of selecting high quality meat. Professional chefs say that it is 80% of the future success.

Theoretically, fish and even mutton could be used. But the majority of restaurants offer classic dish, prepared out of beef. But it is not so simple. For the taste of steak to be special, the meat is selected from young calves. And then the taste depends on the breed and also on the method of fattening the animal.

Fresh-killed beef is not suitable for cooking a steak. Meat needs to mature for at least three weeks. In this time the enzymes loosen the muscle tissue and make it softer, juicier and more tender. A proper butchering is equally important.

Usually the steak is given the name from the part of the veal carcass, from which it was carved. Then the degree of roasting are selected by a popular American classification: blue (raw), rare (with blood), medium rare (blood in the centre), medium (pink in the centre), medium well (almost cooked) or well done (cooked through and juice is clear) steak.

Note that not all types of meat are equally susceptible to varying degrees of roasting. Fatty steaks are ideally suited for cooking from medium rare to medium well. Less fatty meat is advisable to roast from rare to medium.

So, where in Poltava are the most delicious steaks? Of course, in the restaurant Concrete Bar! The chefs there know absolutely all the secrets of this dish, and the meat is delivered from the United States and Australia, the recognized world suppliers. In addition, the restaurant is located in the historic part of Poltava, close to the main attractions of the city, so you  do not have to go far and enjoy the most delicious steak.