Differences between classic and American steaks

To understand the terms “classic” and “American” steak let’s start with a definition. Very often, people use the words not in their original meaning,  which eventually causes confusion.

In general, a steak is a piece of meat, cut in a certain way and cooked on a grill or a griddle. Beef tenderloin is cut across the grain. Fish steak is cut perpendicular to the backbone

The term “classic” means something created by the classic or the best of its kind. Who could be considered a classic in the field of steak preparation? Could it be a Roman priest who first tasted grilled meat cooked on the sacrifice bonfire? Or the British author of a recipe book, issued in 1460, who first described the preparation of steak? This question is open for discussion and everybody is entitled to his or her opinion.

Americans, for example, believe that the classic steak is entirely their national dish. And in this case, the meanings  “classic” and “American” are the same. In the US there is a real cult of steak. This country is the world’s leading exporter of beef, and the meat industry is supervised by the government. Other exporters of steak meat are Argentina and Australia.

What is the difference between an American and European steaks? The first has a minimal preparation: the bone is not cut out and neither is cut out the extra fat layer. In Europe, the steaks are usually prepared without bones.

There is another definition of “classic steak.” It is considered to be made from beef, because the steaks can also be prepared from fish and even mutton.

Now in the world kitchen, there are a 100 different ways of cooking the steak and tenderloin. To organize them in some way, the classification was established on the basis of the parts of the carcass, from which the meat was cut. An example is the Rib Steak, Strip Loin, Tenderloin, Tomahawk, Short loin and others. These names came to Europe from America and are considered the standard definitions.

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