стейки с американского мяса

Delicacies in Poltava: Steaks from American Meat

It is believed that the first to discover the steak were the priests of a temple that sacrificed animals to the gods. One of the priests dropped a hot piece, picked it up and licked his fingers and accidentally discovered the taste of roasted meat. It happened in Ancient Rome.

With time, the dish has greatly improved. There were new recipes and cooking techniques. But, perhaps, no one pays so much attention to the steak as the Americans do. In the US, this dish is given special attention, because it is an integral part of the culture and of enjoying the outdoors.

The US meat industry started with the discovery of the New World by Columbus. Straight after, cattle was brought over to the new continent. Usually, the animals were selected for their endurance and good quality of meat. They were Hereford, Aberdeen Angus and Longhorn breeds.

And with high-quality meat, steaks were also good. For example, Texas steaks are considered major national cuisine. In Dallas, the restaurants are very inventive and are ready to offer individual recipes.

In addition to the huge contribution made by the United States in popularizing steak, they are also the largest exporter of beef. The restaurants are readily buying American meat, which contributes to its high quality. The fact is that the US beef production is regulated by the government. There are strict standards that apply to feeding, veterinary, animal slaughter and meat processing.

At the first glance it may seem that there is nothing extraordinary in cooking steak: it is enough to fry the meat on both sides. But it is not so. The taste is influenced by many different factors, and not every chef will cook a steak to the satisfaction of the customer. It is necessary to consider everything: from the choice of meat to the technology of frying etc.

The taste of steak is affected by the breed of the animal, and also its diet and nutrition. In practice, fattening is done on grass and grain. Meat calves that are fattened on grain are usually valued more due to the thin layers of fat. Such meat is more tender and juicy, though not as aromatic and flavorful as from grass-fed calves.

And finally, you are wondering where you can eat such delicacies in Poltava. We recommend the Concrete Bar restaurant! Here you can fully enjoy the American steak. And if you order a glass of red wine with the meat, then the evening would be remembered for a long time!

We’ll talk  about wine selection to match various types of steak some other time.